Air jet loom suit for varied various nature、 manmade、 synthetic fiber and blended spinning yarn weaving. It can be widely used in the production of apparel fabrics, decorative and industrial fabrics production.


  1. machine architecture design uses a large area of ​​high rigidity beams support, with excellent seismic performance.
  2.  The four-link or six multi-link architecture sley solid beating, beating a strong and effective protection and high-speed stability weaving.
  3.  The main nozzle combination with the auxiliary nozzle, high-speed and stable weft insertion. Dual probe form weft system to prevent the generation length of weft, weft insertion to ensure quality;
  4. Configure the precision electronic let-off device, with the easing device can be controlled according to changes in the warp tension weaving shaft diameter to ensure a uniform and stable warp tension, in order to achieve high and stable high quality heavy woven fabric.
  5.  Operation using key input LCD interface for easy man-machine dialogue, operating more humane, highly integrated computer circuit configuration control system until ensures stable operation of high-speed loom.
  6. South Korean imports of electric control system, with the latest energy-efficient solenoid valve, in terms of energy saving in the lead.

Air jet loom can use two nozzle electronic feeder systems, four nozzles feeder system, six nozzle feeder system. Crank 、 Cam 、Dobby、 Jacquard shedding system,double beam weaving system, meet a wide variety of fabrics weaving.