Qingdao Huaxin Textile Machinery works together with world-renowned universities, took three years to develop China's own technological success of the most high-end property HX8100 Series Water Jet Loom, to achieve the highest level of automation of weaving, meet the demand for leading the forefront of the trend of the market.

HX8100 has the newest design, the wall frame is also specially designed and the size is 920*920mm.Working with solid beating system and larger sustain surface of structure girder which greatly reduces vibration thus stabilizing filling insertion and beating motion during high-speed operation. Innovative design on drive system, shedding motion, let-off system and take-up system. All these make it suitable for weaving high-density thick fabric at super high speed. The standard equip with electronic let off (ELO), electronic take up (ETU), slow motion, weft density variation , APF and speed changing device can satisfy weaving demand for higher quality and more valuable fabrics. This model can be converted to cam/dobby/jacquard shedding; one-pump one-nozzle, one-pump two-nozzle, two-pump two-nozzle, two-pump three-nozzle, two-pump four-nozzle to meet all kinds of fabrics.


Standard Features:

  1. Reed width: 170,190,210,230,250,280,340,350,360cm
  2. Filling insertion rate: 2,280m/min max.
  3. Speed: Maximum 1200RPM (Working speed according to fabric format)
  4. Head frame: Max. 8pcs for plain, Max.12pcs for cam, Max. 16pcs for dobby
  5. Power: 2.2, 2.8, 3.7kW
  6. Weft density: 5~85pick/cm


  1. Nylon-6 filament
  2. Nylon-6 non-sizing
  3. Polyester filament
  4. Polyester draw textured
  5. Polyester spun yarn
  6. Polyester high twisting yarn
  7. Polyester POY
  8. Polyester non-sizing filament
  9. O.P. yarn
  10. Taslon yarn