Detail :

HX408 water jet loom is basic on ZW408 model, and is a specially designed new model with bigger reinforced frame structure, the wall frame size is 920*920mm, and larger sustain surface of structure girder which greatly reduces vibration thus stabilizing filling insertion and beating motion during high-speed operation. Innovative design on drive system, shedding motion, let-off system and take-up system. All these make it suitable for weaving high-density thick fabric at super high speed. The optional electronic let off (ELO), electronic take up (ETU), slow motion, weft density variation , APF and speed changing device can satisfy weaving demand for higher quality and more valuable fabrics. This model can be converted to plain/dobby shedding; one-nozzle, three-nozzle, two-pump two-nozzle, two-pump three-nozzle, two-pump four-nozzle to meet all kinds of fabrics.


Standard Features:

  1. Reed width: 170,190,210,230,250,280,340,350,360cm
  2. Filling insertion rate: 2,280m/min max.
  3. Speed: Maximum 500-1200RPM (Working speed according to fabric format)
  4. Head frame: Max. 8pcs for plain, Max.12pcs for cam, Max. 16pcs for dobby
  5. Power: 2.2, 2.8, 3.7kW
  6. Weft density: 5~85pick/cm


  1. Nylon-6 filament
  2. Nylon-6 non-sizing
  3. Polyester filament
  4. Polyester draw textured
  5. Polyester spun yarn
  6. Polyester high twisting yarn
  7. Polyester POY
  8. Polyester non-sizing filament
  9.  O.P. yarn
  10.  Taslon yarn